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With the cost of health care increasing and reimbursement decreasing, we at Ophthalmic Surgical know the importance of keeping operating costs down. We also know that ophthalmic instruments are very delicate and can become damaged during the cleaning and sterilizing process. Replacing these instruments can become very costly. Not anymore! Our customers get quality instruments that are very affordable.

We are not just another instrument company. We can guarantee the quality of our instruments, because we use them on a daily basis. Our company was founded by an ophthalmic surgical assistant, who, along with fellow eye care professionals use our instruments in their practice. Because of our knowledge of surgical procedures, we also act as a resource for our customers. We know which instrument works best for different surgical procedures. We also know which instrument model is the most popular.

Ophthalmic Surgical offers a variety of instruments in stainless steel and titanium. Stainless steel is more affordable but titanium is the better quality. We also offer retinal instruments in 20G, 23G and 25G.

Whether you are a physician starting a new practice or a medical facility starting an ophthalmology service, purchasing quality instruments that are also affordable is one of your primary concerns. Let us make your purchase a pleasant experience.

Contact us for information and join us in the winner’s circle. You will see that Ophthalmic Surgical is not just another instrument company and that the quality we offer is very affordable.

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